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Horse racing in Western PA draws both criticism and support

By: Zoe Esperseth As Dawnelle Mock walks through the paddocks where the standardbred racehorses are kept before they are set to compete, she lovingly reflects on the amount of care received by the horses. “They eat breakfast before we do, they get lunch before we do. These guys get a lot of care and attention.” Dawnelle Mock serves as both... Read More

Is Philanthropy at Point Park on the Rise?

By Zoe Esperseth, Point Park News Service Charity opportunities are constantly available, and about 25 percent of the U.S adult population participates in charitable causes. Although younger adults, ages 20-24, make up the lowest percentage of volunteers, Point Park students aren’t letting that statistic deter them. Point Park University has 62 clubs and organizations available to students, according to the... Read More

Murrysville Voters Say President’s Actions Drew Them To Vote

By Zoe Esperseth, Point Park News Service Around 9:40 a.m. at the Christ’s Lutheran Church in Murrysville, a line of about 50 people stood quietly waiting to vote as more cars poured into the small parking lot. Some voters talked to each other in small groups, but most were silent, slowly inching forward with the line. Margaret Walczak, 62, was one... Read More