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School Spirits: The Haunted Campuses of Pittsburgh Universities

By Nicole Pampena  When the ghost of Martha Jane Poe rocks the cradle in the Cathedral of Learning’s Early American Room, she does so slowly, and exactly four times — no more, no less. When conservatory students at Point Park University see The Lady in White, they learn she gets her name from the wedding dress she wears and the... Read More

Students complain about University of Pittsburgh’s salary increases

By Yas Hatcher Point Park News Service Salary increases for seven top managers at the University of Pittsburgh Dec. 4 caused some students to complain that there is no reason for such increases during a time of rapidly increasing tuition costs. “Sorry, but this insane pay increase makes no sense to me at all,” said Brad Johnson. On Dec. 4... Read More

Nationality Rooms Open House is ready for the holidays

By Pamela Diana Point Park News Service The Nationality Room Open House in Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning will showcase Pittsburghers’ ethnic holiday roots this weekend with native displays and other programs to highlight holiday history from around the world. There will be rooms adorned with trees, wreaths and other decorations reflecting each room’s nationality. If hungry, there will be chlebicky (Czech... Read More

Late night cheap eats in Oakland

By Yas Hatcher Point Park News Service At Joe Mommas in Oakland, pastas and salads normally costing $7-$13 are cut in half, ranging from $3.50-$6.50 between 10 p.m.-11 p.m. each night. Right next door, Fuel and Fuddle also offers a half priced salads, pizzas, wings, sandwiches, and more after 11 p.m. nightly. There are also half priced wings, burritos, tacos,... Read More