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Q&A: Off the ice with Penguins’ Tom McMillan

By Phillip Poupore, Point Park News Service: Tom McMillan has made a career out of taking gambles. The vice president of communications for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team began his career working as a sports reporter for several Pittsburgh newspapers, including the Tribune-Review and the Post-Gazette. He covered the local teams, as well as events including the NBA Finals and the... Read More

Penguins reach out to new generation of fans

By Marc S. Witkin, Point Park News Service: For the categories of fan relations, fan appreciation and stadium experience, ESPN The Magazine’s 2013 Ultimate Team Standings ranked the Pittsburgh Penguins No. 1 in the National Hockey League. When it comes to fan relations specifically, the Pens rank second only to basketball’s Memphis Grizzlies, out of 122 professional sports teams examined. As... Read More