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Local education programs impact student success

By Tinamaria Colaizzi Point Park News Service Before receiving a Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship, a graduate of the Creative and Performing Arts High School thought studying fine arts at Carnegie Mellon University would be financially impossible. Through the Executive Scholar Program, one recent graduate has the opportunity to complete an internship at PNC Bank alongside his college studies in Economics. The... Read More

Longtime haunting in Pittsburgh residence includes unknown spirits, permanent house guests

By Tinamaria Colaizzi Point Park News Service Except for one devastating thing, Denise and John’s two story house looks like something that could be featured in “Homes & Garden” magazine. A spacious patio overlooks the four acre property’s lush landscape, the warm living room exudes coziness with a flickering vanilla scented candle and a beautiful floral centerpiece sits on the... Read More

Local distributors provide wine-making essentials

  By Tinamaria Colaizzi Point Park News Service For Craig Palilla, experimenting with wine making by sharing tips with others enabled him to win the Silver Medal AT Butler County’s Homemade Wine Competition. A long time and seasoned wine maker, Vincenzino Ricci often meets with long time personal vintners at Friendship Park to boast about his Italian-imported grape juice from... Read More