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PNC: green groundbreaker, the financial giant creates the world’s greenest building

By Veronica Kropf The Pioneer In 1998, when Rebecca Flora heard on the radio that PNC Financial Services Inc. was beginning construction on what became its Firstside Center in downtown Pittsburgh, she decided to make a chance phone call to see if the company would consider employing sustainable business practices. “I just thought this would be a great opportunity for... Read More

Mr. Sustainability: Court Gould practices what he preaches by living green

By Pete Bridge The Pioneer He purchases all of his clothes at second-hand stores, drives old cars and donates money annually to cover his carbon footprint. In his 9 to 5 job, he spends all of his time trying to help businesses in the area  become more sustainable. However, possibly the biggest influence  Gould has on the environment are his personal... Read More

Fashion company is environmental fit, Pittsburgh-based designer runs eco-chic line

By Richelle Szypulski The Pioneer For designer Bonnie Siefers, the combination of sustainability and fashion just came naturally. The Strip District-based founder of Jonäno, an environmentally conscious fashion house, was raised in Pittsburgh by a family that placed high value in honesty, hard work and all things natural, long-lasting and creative. “As far back as I can remember, my own... Read More

Green game changers: Pittsburgh sports arenas reinvent this once smoggy city’s image

By Connor Mulvaney The Pioneer PNC Park went green by recycling most of the waste created by fans at their games and donating leftover prepared concessions. Heinz Field installed advanced lighting and air conditioning systems to conserve more energy. Highmark Stadium also showed its environ- mental friendliness by using recycled steel to construct the seating area and recycled rubber for the... Read More