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Students compete to show cool side of manufacturing

By Emily Fava, Point Park News Service: Southwestern Pennsylvania companies have a history of providing industries with the tools and supplies that they need to continue operations. Actuators, home alarm systems and packaging that are used by companies across the country are made in Pennsylvania, yet very few people get a behind-the-scenes look at how they’re made. With a heavy... Read More

Students’ spring break plans include earning income, having fun

By Melanie Vangas, Point Park News Service: Stressing about finals and her remaining two years of college, Michelle Azadi found herself thinking of a distant vacation destination, even if it might take some time before she can afford it. Josue Acosta counts down the days until his arrival in paradise. “Spring break is all about forgetting school and having a great time,”... Read More

University students return to campus

By Sara Payne Point Park News Service: Point Park University students have once again filled the hallways of sidewalks of the urban campus. Despite being new to campus, Point Park University’s freshmen have already started becoming accustomed to their new routines. Freshman Taylor Blocksom said the university has already exceeded her expectations. Even though she is from a small town,... Read More