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Q&A: Duquesne Amor and sexual assault

By Sara Mackulin, Point Park News Service: Sarah Miller operates the Amor learning community at Duquesne University. Miller, her students and colleagues, started a Facebook page called Duquesne Amor in the fall of 2015. The page focuses on informing its followers about sexual assault through statistical articles and information about recent reported incidents. Miller also authored the book “Medieval Monstrosity... Read More

Parents, kids turn to low-impact flag football

By Sara Mackulin, Point Park News Service: Flag football, a popular sports choice across the country for kids of all ages, provides parents a safe alternative as opposed to contact football. “He’s too little for contact,” Maria Tozzi of Portview said about her son James. “Flag football still teaches him the game, but it is not going to get him injured at... Read More