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Finding Yourself in the Music

How music has helped local members of the LGBTQIA+ community By Sara Flanders This is the first installment of the Finding Yourself in the Music series. Music helped Jude Benedict-Ess through their transition into their non-binary gender identity and gave them a way to communicate with those around them. Adam Hawley found inspiration from a famous musician to find his... Read More

Life Inside and Out of the Ring

By Sara Flanders Lawyer by day, Max Petrunya has spent nights brawling under the Homestead Bridge. Having always dabbled in extreme sports, Steve Schneider’s most recent endeavor left him with a broken skull. A photography gig opened the door for Daniel Hooven to live out a life-long dream. These guys all have average lives by day, but spend their nights... Read More

Banished Bangladesh Writer Finds New Home in Pittsburgh

By Sara Flanders Controversial writer Tuhin Das was forced to leave his home in Bangladesh after Al-Qaeda/ISIS included his name on a hit list of 17 secular writers and activists who slammed them. After receiving no help from local authorities, he became the latest writer to join Pittsburgh’s City of Asylum: a grassroots organization that provides aid and a two-year... Read More