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PPNS reporters win top statewide honors

The Pennsylvania Women’s Press Association has recognized Point Park News Service reporters with three of its top statewide journalism awards for student reporters. Graduate student Emily Balser received a first-place award for a collection of stories. She wrote about a blogger who encourages women to go without makeup, how the bald eagle may no longer be endangered in the state and... Read More

Funeral homes connect with public online

  By Abby Mathieu, Point Park News Service: Cincinnati’s Walker Funeral Home created a Facebook page two years ago – and it now has 29,000 “likes.” Its posts typically deal with grief, topics for senior citizens, pre-planning funerals,  health issues  and anything else the owners feel might be interesting to their followers. The business has since  added a blog, a Pinterest... Read More

Pulitzer winners stress persistence in reporting

By Emily Balser, Point Park News Service: Point Park University students and faculty gathered on Thursday to hear two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists share how they uncovered police corruption in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Daily News reporters Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman, winners of the 2010 Pulitzer for investigative reporting, spoke about writing the series Tainted Justice, which also is chronicled in their... Read More

Budget cuts hit rural shelters hardest

By Megan Guza, Point Park News Service: Shelter services have been hard hit by economic times in rural western Pennsylvania. Denise Scotland’s organization, the Rural Advocacy Task Force at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Harrisburg, a part of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence with an annual budget of $26 million in 2012, disperses federal and state allocations to... Read More

Rural setting increases danger for domestic violence

By Megan Guza, Point Park News Service: Alexis’ boyfriend traded her body as payment for his drug habit. He hit her, threw things at her, bit her and berated her. He threatened to kill himself in front of her. He said he needed her. He played on her insecurities and always came back with an apology. Rather than pay for his... Read More

Old school still cool for some gamers

By Marc S. Witkin, Point Park News Service: Malik Cosby would love to have the new Sony PlayStation 4 game console, but he doesn’t see the point of rushing to get one when so many quality games and systems already exist at a much cheaper price. Cosby, 23, of the West End, has its predecessor, the PS3, and he recently... Read More

Turkey and potato pancakes meet for rare celebration

By Andrew Goldstein, Point Park News Service: Jewish people around the world will light their first Hanukkah candles this week — and for Jewish Americans, the more than two millennium-old holiday makes a rare intersection with Thanksgiving. This is not the first time Hanukkah and Thanksgiving coincide, however. The two holidays met for the first time in 1888, and then... Read More

Family changes futures through adoption

By Emily Brak, Point Park News Service: It takes six pounds of ground beef and a restaurant-sized frying pan to feed two tables filled with children. Meals like this are served daily in a Westmoreland County home. A humongous van parked in the garage is required to transport this very large family. And they need an industrial-strength, L-shaped, sectional sofa... Read More