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Communities in Pittsburgh struggle with loss of local news coverage

By: Diana Navarrete PITTSBURGH, Pa.–Communities in the tristate area are losing their primary source of information and are finding solutions to maintain existing news organizations. Various communities are losing daily and weekly newspapers. While others are undergoing changes that are leading to “news deserts.” Remaining organizations in Pittsburgh are trying to stay in business and report on important stories. The... Read More

New Castle fights to keep their newspaper up and running

By: Zoey Angelucci As the Youngstown Vindicator closed its doors on Aug. 31 2019, the nearby city of New Castle was fighting against news desert norms to save its paper and community.  They rely financially on advertising and print and online subscriptions. They pride themselves on the idea of keeping local news, local. While bigger areas, like Youngstown, have large... Read More

Facebook looks for ways to end misinformation in the face of news deserts

By: Adam Stout “About one in three users in the U.S. live in places where we cannot find enough local news on Facebook to launch Today in,” Facebook said in a recent blog post online. “What does that mean exactly? In the last 28 days, there has not been a single day where we’ve been able to find five or... Read More

Edinboro residents adjust to new combined newspaper

By: Sierra Seneta Robin Capezzuto, an Edinboro resident, recently lost her own local newspaper, the Edinboro News Journal, after its last issue this past spring. The paper is now combined with two other papers from neighboring areas. The question of the town becoming a news desert is looming over the minds of Edinboro residents. Edinboro locals, like Capezzuto, will now... Read More

Local paper editor works against News Deserts in the Mon Valley area

By: Shannon Hartnett Assistant Editor Richard Schiavoni and his team at the Valley Mirror are filling their paper with advertisements, small town events and problems related to the community. It is part of their effort to remain relevant to their readers and prevent the Mon Valley from becoming a news desert. To support the community’s interests, the local paper publishes... Read More

Positively Negative: Author speaks at Point Park

Journalist and author Heather Boerner visited Point Park in January to talk about her latest book, “Positively Negative.” And to talk about her life as a freelance writer — hustling for assignments and pay. Based in San Francisco, Boerner tells the story of parents who have HIV — but who give birth to children who are free of the disease.... Read More

Reporter’s Take: Interviewing deaf-blind source

While reporting on her story about the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, reporter Alicia Green encountered Paul Richard McGann, who is both deaf and blind. Those disabilities did little to limit McGann’s ability to communicate about the how the Act has helped the disabled community — or about how there’s more to do. Here’s Alicia’s first-person account... Read More

Q&A: ‘Gotham Pop’ artist follows her dreams to L.A.

By Madison Taylor, Point Park News Service: When Monica Khan was just a child, she frequently visited her grandmother in Wilkinsburg. During her visits, she quickly fell in love with her grandmother’s Bollywood music records, singing to them on a daily basis. Although she didn’t know it back then, Khan credits those old Bollywood tunes for much of her current... Read More