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Dahntahn Dialects: The Language of Pittsburgh

By Nicole Pampena It was 2011 when “Pittsburgh Dad” joined YouTube opening with that line, in turn introducing the world of Pittsburghese to the mainstream internet. The character was created by Greensburg native Curt Wootton, who stars as Pittsburgh Dad, and his friend and director Chris Preksta, where as many as two-hundred thousand viewers watch Pittsburgh Dad yelling at the... Read More

John the Craftist puts Pittsburghese on paper

By Sara Payne, Point Park News Service: When routine oral surgery turned into never-ending pain and a diagnosis of atypical trigeminal neuralgia in May of 2010, Alethea Okonak had never felt more isolated. But she found hope just outside in her mailbox. “It really meant something when I would go to get the mail, and it was a ton of... Read More