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Proposed PA vaccine rule change triggers autism concerns

By Phillip Poupore, Point Park News Service: Mary Wildman’s life changed forever just a few days after her son’s first birthday. She took her son to the pediatrician for an ear infection, but during the appointment she was told her son was also due for the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Her son, Nick, had a reaction to the... Read More

PA budget deadlock hits students in the wallet

By Phillip Poupore, Point Park News Service: Point Park University senior Brittany Lauffer has had to pick up additional work this fall because of the Pennsylvania budget impasse. The broadcast journalism major moved off campus over the summer only because she expected a $3,634 refund check from the school. But there was a problem: She received just $1,824. Because Pennsylvania... Read More

Q&A: Off the ice with Penguins’ Tom McMillan

By Phillip Poupore, Point Park News Service: Tom McMillan has made a career out of taking gambles. The vice president of communications for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team began his career working as a sports reporter for several Pittsburgh newspapers, including the Tribune-Review and the Post-Gazette. He covered the local teams, as well as events including the NBA Finals and the... Read More

Author advises students to seek adventure

By Phillip Poupore, Point Park News Service: Jennifer Steil has never shied away from an adventure. Whether it was moving to Yemen to become a newspaper editor, marrying a British ambassador or being kidnapped by Yemeni tribesmen she has taken it all in stride. The actor, journalist and award-winning author spoke to Point Park University students Aug. 27. She had... Read More