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Play engages audience with issues of justice and race

By Jon Andreassi, Point Park News Service: A play opening Friday in Pittsburgh aims to challenge audiences and bring diversity to the local theater scene. “A Lesson Before Dying,” opening at the New Hazlett Theatre Performing Arts Center on March 4, tells the story of a young African American man named Jefferson who finds himself on death row for a murder he... Read More

Pittsburgh Steeline entertains Steeler nation

By Ralph Musthaler, Point Park News Service: The Pittsburgh Steeline, the official drumline for the Pittsburgh Steelers, performs at every home game. The group performs before the game outside Heinz Field in the parking lots and during the game inside Heinz Field on the field and on the sidelines. If the Steelers win, the drumline performs a post-game jam outside... Read More

Theater promotes skills for improv — and life

By Alex Stumpf, Point Park News Service: The Steel City Improv Theater makes one commitment: “Once you get good at improv, you will get better at life.” The founders, Kasey Daley and Justin Zell, brought their life-teaching skills to Pittsburgh from New York four years ago and have been spreading their philosophy ever since. “Good improv is a difficult thing... Read More

Playwright promotes women’s empowerment through theater

By Laurie Smith, Point Park News Service: As an author, director and actress, Virginia Wall Gruenert noticed gender bias in business, education and science, and the creative worlds of cinema, media and theatre arts. When she and her husband opened their own theatre, Off the Wall Theatre Productions, they made sure to encourage, foster and empower women in theatre arts... Read More

CLO’s ‘Plaid Tidings’ star talks about his new role

By Harrison Buzzatto, Point Park News Service: Brandon Lambert, a Point Park University graduate, stars in Pittsburgh CLO’s “Plaid Tidings.” The show runs Nov. 7 through Jan. 12 at The Cabaret at Theater Square. How do you feel about getting a role in a show like this right out of college? B: I’m so blessed to be in it. I... Read More

Student-actors face real-world audition factors

By Harrison Buzzatto, Point Park News Service: A young actor or actress who attends Point Park University to study theater, expects that, at some point, he or she will be cast in a play. But some student-actors graduate from the competitive Conservatory of Performing Arts program  — which is highly regarded among theater conservatories worldwide — with a diploma but no... Read More

Hollywood Theater raises funds to save ‘Rocky Horror’ screenings

Lauren Finkel Point Park News Service The lights dim at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont and a pair of bright red lips appear on screen. The beginning scene to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” plays as a lone cast member struts toward the screen down the dark aisle of the theater. As the movie progresses, actors come out in front... Read More

New cabaret show relates to any relationship

By Sara Payne Point Park News Service Robin Abramson left Pittsburgh, the place she grew up, to follow a boy to Israel. “I just wanted to have an adventure,” Abramson said while sitting in a Downtown Starbucks on Sunday. “There was a time when I really thought I was going to leave it all and live with him.” Read More

Prom-themed fundraiser to support special needs theater program

By Kim Roberts Point Park News Service As the fall foliage gives way to the gray days of winter, anticipation is building in the students and staff at the Center for Theater Arts in Mt. Lebanon, Pa., as they get ready for the glamour of prom night. But this November prom is not a typical high school dance. Instead, it... Read More