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Gambling on Pennsylvania’s future

By Iain Oldman, Point Park News Service:  Ahead of another looming budget showdown between Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and the state’s Republican-majority General Assembly, a familiar issue to bail the state out of its budgetary woes has been submitted for the legislature to take up – expanded legalized gambling. But even as Wolf and some lawmakers in Harrisburg look to... Read More

High costs of elder care concern residents and families

By Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service: Sherry Wimer has many concerns when it comes to caring for her mother, Ladonna Herbertson, 79, who suffers from dementia. “I do everything for her,” Wimer, of Sarver, Pa., said. “I do all her finances; she wouldn’t even know where to begin. I do her shopping. I make sure she gets to the... Read More

Access to Advanced Placement varies across PA

By Christine Manganas, Point Park News Service: Cumberland Valley High School in Cumberland County housed 2,645 students in the 2013-2014 school year and offered 26 Advanced Placement (AP) courses ranging from AP Chinese to AP Economics. Two-hundred miles away in Beaver County, Freedom Area Senior High School’s enrollment is about one-third as big as Cumberland Valley. The 467 enrolled students have the... Read More

PPNS reporters win top statewide honors

The Pennsylvania Women’s Press Association has recognized Point Park News Service reporters with three of its top statewide journalism awards for student reporters. Graduate student Emily Balser received a first-place award for a collection of stories. She wrote about a blogger who encourages women to go without makeup, how the bald eagle may no longer be endangered in the state and... Read More

Commission plans to allow otter trapping

By Emily Bastaroli, Point Park News Service: Mostly native to Northern Pennsylvania, the river otter was almost extirpated in many regions of the state by the mid-1900s. However, restoration efforts allowed for successful population recovery in 1982. Now the Pennsylvania Game Commission is drafting an Otter Management Plan and accepting public comments. “ the Otter Management Plan is... Read More

Colorful, rare turtle threatened – but not yet endangered

By Kristopher Lancaster, Point Park News Service: Reaching lengths of more than 10 inches in adulthood, the Blanding’s turtle has a bright yellow neck and long chin that make it among Pennsylvania’s largest and most recognizable pond turtles. That is, if you can actually find one. “In Pennsylvania, the Blanding’s is a very mysterious creature,” said Collette Adkins-Giese, a reptile... Read More

Rural school districts feel the sting of budget cuts

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service Bentworth Middle School sits tucked along a winding, rural road off the main street of the Borough of Bentleyville. The sprawling building looks out onto a cow pasture. To its right, a farmhouse. Superintendent Charles Baker says the building – just five years out of construction – is a far cry from the... Read More

Former DEP Chief John Hanger Announces 2014 Gubernatorial Run

By Darlene Natale Point Park News Service Former Department of Environmental Protection Chief John Hanger came to Pittsburgh November 29th and announced his goal of making Thomas Corbett a one-term governor. The Hershey Democrat said his campaign for governor is about education, the economy, and the environment. Hanger called Corbett’s cuts to education “irresponsible destructive cuts” that are harmful to... Read More