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Steel City Parkour owner turns hobby into career

By Edward Trizzino & Michael Richter, Point Park News Service: Christian Winchell, 24, describes parkour as “interacting with the environment with your body.” As a coach at Steel City Parkour in Export, Pa., he practices this almost every day to maximize his potential in this sport. Steel City Parkour, which opened in November 2014, is a gym that was created to... Read More

Pittsburgh parkour team seeks park

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service Andrew Obenreder spends his free time walking up walls, jumping off of ledges and flipping over railings. Flying leaps and back flips are second nature to the 21-year-old, but the sidewalk acrobatics aren’t part of a street show: Obenreder practices parkour, a physical discipline that focuses on overcoming obstacles and combines running, leaping,... Read More