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What to do with 252 images of John Riegert?

By Edward Trizzino, Point Park News Service: The recent closing of a local art exhibit has 252 pieces of art in need of a permanent home. The SPACE gallery located in Downtown Pittsburgh recently closed its summer-long “John Riegert” exhibit, which contained submitted portraits of Riegert by hundreds of local artists. Of the 252 portraits, Riegert personally kept almost 50... Read More

Former DEP Chief John Hanger Announces 2014 Gubernatorial Run

By Darlene Natale Point Park News Service Former Department of Environmental Protection Chief John Hanger came to Pittsburgh November 29th and announced his goal of making Thomas Corbett a one-term governor. The Hershey Democrat said his campaign for governor is about education, the economy, and the environment. Hanger called Corbett’s cuts to education “irresponsible destructive cuts” that are harmful to... Read More

Allegheny County assessment shows inequities between wealthy and impoverished

By Ralph Musthaler Point Park News Service Amassed along Field Club Road in Fox Chapel lies property with market values in excess of $800,000, but the reassessments by a private firm reflects a value $15,000 lower. On Second Avenue, Braddock, property values hover at or around $9,000. The inequities of the court–ordered property evaluations, performed at a cost of $9.3... Read More

Terrell Johnson wins freedom

  by Paige Krivda For the Point Park News Service After 18 years of incarceration, Terrell Johnson was acquitted of murder. Following four days of witness testimony and two days of jury deliberation at his retrial, Terrell Johnson was acquitted of all charges when the jury disregarded the testimony of discredited eyewitnesses. Defense Attorney, Turahn Jenkins, discredited key witness, Evelyn... Read More

Ovarian cancer survivor stresses awareness, proper diagnosis

By Pete Bridge Photos By Rachel Norris Point Park News Service Olga George had been misdiagnosed for two years before she found out that the pains she was having were ovarian cancer. “A lot of people were telling me ‘no it’s in your head’ or ‘no, it’s this’. I was misdiagnosed many times before finally a doctor realized what was... Read More