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Smokey Bellows plays ‘heavy, weird rock-n-roll blues’

By Andrew Henderson, Point Park News Service: Nick Bigatel is the front man of Smokey Bellows, a electro-country band that was formerly known as Dick Whiskey & the Bottle Openers. The band has gained some attraction from the Pittsburgh music scene as it recently signed with First Flight Records and released a first official album, “Half Lucid and the Other... Read More

Local band, The SpacePimps, turns to fans for funding

By Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service: Rishi Bahl, vocalist and lead guitar player of the Pittsburgh based band, The SpacePimps, can pinpoint at least two or three times he was ready to call it quits since the band began in 2003. “I couldn’t exactly pinpoint a specific great moment (being in a band), but I can think of two... Read More

Symphony program puts students in charge

By Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service: Katie Morrow received the opportunity of a lifetime as a high school sophomore: playing on stage with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at Heinz Hall in Downtown, Pittsburgh. “It was a very surreal moment,” said Morrow now a senior cello player at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School. “Just being on the stage with a world-class symphony... Read More

Pierce the Veil bassist promises energy, fun in current tour

By Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service: After spending most of 2014 writing and recording its new album, alternative rock band Pierce the Veil brought “The World Tour” to Pittsburgh for two shows, with Sleeping With Sirens, Feb. 10-11 at Stage AE, North Shore. Pierce the Veil’s bassist Jaime Preciado called in from the band’s tour stop in Kansas City to discuss... Read More

Pittsburgh hip-hop artists chase musical dreams

By Carey McKelvey, Point Park News Service: Hip-hop was everywhere for Alex Abramson, a.k.a. “Eclypse,” in high school. He heard it on the bus, in the hallways, and he began crafting words and beats with a little help from friends and the music producing software Garageband. Beats began to roll through Pavel Gaydos’ head when he learned to play drums... Read More

Music videos raise new body image debate

By Keontá Bender, Point Park News Service: In Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” the rapper and her cast are constantly shaking their butts to the beat of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Another big hit, “Booty,” depicts Jennifer Lopez revealing all of her curves in various scenes, covered in oil and water. Singer Megan Trainor’s  “All About That Bass” highlights a diverse... Read More

Technology-free concerts gain popularity, debate

By Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service: Sheena Ekas loves going to concerts, but she has started to find the other fans in attendance irritating. It seems like every time she goes to a show lately, everyone around her spends more time on their phones rather than watching the performance. “There are times you can’t even see the stage because,... Read More

Space Upstairs offers innovative performances

By Abby Mathieu, Point Park News Service: Couches in every color. Walls covered in words and designs. A bar with a hodge-podge of mugs, glasses and bottles. Books piled up in every corner of the square-shaped room. These, among many others, are all things found in The Space Upstairs. Situated on the side of a tucked-away warehouse in Point Breeze,... Read More