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PPNS reporters win top statewide honors

The Pennsylvania Women’s Press Association has recognized Point Park News Service reporters with three of its top statewide journalism awards for student reporters. Graduate student Emily Balser received a first-place award for a collection of stories. She wrote about a blogger who encourages women to go without makeup, how the bald eagle may no longer be endangered in the state and... Read More

Budget cuts hit rural shelters hardest

By Megan Guza, Point Park News Service: Shelter services have been hard hit by economic times in rural western Pennsylvania. Denise Scotland’s organization, the Rural Advocacy Task Force at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Harrisburg, a part of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence with an annual budget of $26 million in 2012, disperses federal and state allocations to... Read More

Rural setting increases danger for domestic violence

By Megan Guza, Point Park News Service: Alexis’ boyfriend traded her body as payment for his drug habit. He hit her, threw things at her, bit her and berated her. He threatened to kill himself in front of her. He said he needed her. He played on her insecurities and always came back with an apology. Rather than pay for his... Read More

They fight like girls

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service The bright red blood stands out in stark contrast against Jamie Bishop’s white boxing gloves. But the 17-year-old model and high school student isn’t worried about her next photo shoot or what her friends at school will say. Her only focus is on finishing her fight. “I just knew I needed to keep going,”... Read More

Rural school districts feel the sting of budget cuts

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service Bentworth Middle School sits tucked along a winding, rural road off the main street of the Borough of Bentleyville. The sprawling building looks out onto a cow pasture. To its right, a farmhouse. Superintendent Charles Baker says the building – just five years out of construction – is a far cry from the... Read More

NHL lockout sends fans back to college

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service Aaron Troy’s eyes never leave the ice as a Robert Morris University forward grabs a rebound and slides the puck past the Bentley University goalie. It’s not a Sidney Crosby backhander, but Troy will take it. “It’s not the best hockey, but it’s hockey,” he said. Troy, like all National Hockey League fans,... Read More

Renting cars is a Zip

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service Ross Marshall needed a car. With rental rates expensive and buying a car out of the question, the then-student at Duquesne University turned to the only car-sharing program he could find – Zipcar. The rates though, were discouraging to Marshall, 25, of Mount Washington. “When I was looking into getting a Zipcar, I... Read More

Pittsburgh parkour team seeks park

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service Andrew Obenreder spends his free time walking up walls, jumping off of ledges and flipping over railings. Flying leaps and back flips are second nature to the 21-year-old, but the sidewalk acrobatics aren’t part of a street show: Obenreder practices parkour, a physical discipline that focuses on overcoming obstacles and combines running, leaping,... Read More