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Drilling traffic disrupts rural life in Washington County

By Georgia Templeton, Point Park News Service: Kim SanGregorio looks upon the bank that wraps around her property close to the roadway. She examines a long, deep divot where a large vehicle side-swiped the yard. A set of concrete steps are now crushed, and SanGregorio’s 6-year-old rose bushes are in ruin. Eight years ago, SanGregorio and her husband thought they... Read More

Shale drillers take note of endangered species

By Tony Sonita, Point Park News Service: If one were to ask St. Vincent College biology professor Cynthia Walter about the impact Marcellus Shale drilling has on wildlife, he or she better be prepared to discuss the topic at length. “Where to begin?” she said. “Well, the process of fracking disrupts ecosystems. The drilling can move animals, damage fish and... Read More