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Pittsburgh woman comes home, brings painting with a twist

By Lori Pometo Mary Lou Bradley lived and worked in New York City for decades but after a lifetime of achievements she didn’t want to stop there. She didn’t let age stop her from pursuing a new chapter in life but instead she attended culinary school in Orlando and started a new business with her artist boyfriend back in her... Read More

Teachers visit Andy Warhol Museum for open house

By Lori Pometo Point Park News Service Sarah Wilt plans to add a “Warhol Unit” in her adaptive class to increase their knowledge and learning skills. Amanda Smatchko plans to have her students create Warhol-inspired portraits to show them the relation between themselves and art. Cat Wapenski sees art as a way to nurture her 3-year-old students while fine-tuning their... Read More

Painting, alcohol interesting mixture

By Lori Pometo Point Park News Service Eric Applebaum, who does not have painting experience, took a long sip of Fat Cat Pinot Grigio before attempting the tight brush strokes needed to replicate Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” at a studio in Murrysville. Cindy Adams, who has a glass in her hand as well, calculated her first step in recreating the... Read More

2012 Pittsburgh Heart Walk, a heart-healthy walk for a cause

By Lori Pometo Point Park News Service Danielle McKain became a full-time caregiver after her son was born with a congenital heart defect. Heart disease claimed members of Celeste Hardie’s family making her adopt a healthier lifestyle, hoping to avoid a similar fate. “My greatest fear is that heart disease will claim another family member…,” said Hardie in an e-mail.... Read More

Squirrel Hill shop helps provide fair-trade accoss the world

By Lori Pometo Point Park News Service Moses and Esther Kirimi provide life in Nairobi through hand carved works of art which are sold at a local store on Forbes Avenue. Loreta Rafisura, of the Philippines helped to rejuvenate her village by turning natural assets into a source of income. “I think sometimes we forget that families and people are... Read More