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South Side’s Polish community fading

By Christine Manganas, Point Park News Service: Joe Bielecki can still recall past holidays listening to singing ensembles accompanied by portable instruments, and joining in on traditional Polish Christmas carols at the Prince of Peace Parish in the South Side. Since 1993, he has resided in its busy streets where he joined other third- and fourth-generation Polish-Americans, but the community... Read More

New Allentown coffee house heats up its neighborhood

By Kristin Snapp, Point Park News Service: Pittsburgh’s Allentown neighborhood got an awakening in August with the opening of Black Forge Coffee House, located behind the Zone 3 Police Station on Arlington Avenue. Two current Allentown residents, Ashley Corts and Nick Miller, own the shop. The two met through their involvement in Pittsburgh’s thriving entertainment industry, while Corts was working... Read More

Outdoor yoga draws enthusiasts to Market Square

By Alexa Yanyanin, Point Park News Service: When Jason Fait, 37, of Jeannette, Westmoreland County, decided to make a major lifestyle change, yoga was not among his first considerations. But after exploring Downtown Pittsburgh one weekend, he discovered an outdoor yoga class in Market Square and gave it a try. He was hooked after that one class. “I didn’t know... Read More

Strong Women Strong Girls inspires both

By Dominique Hildebrand, Point Park News Service: Gabby Claypool talked about becoming a veterinarian during a recent visit to Point Park University through the group Strong Women Strong Girls. She said she loves the student body organizations on campus so much that she wants to join Impulse and the basketball team. But first, she has to finish elementary school. Gabby... Read More

Video: Toynbee Tiles embed mystery in city streets

By Marc Macurdy, Point Park News Service: For more than 30 years, mysterious objects known as Toynbee Tiles have shown up embedded on streets around the world. The messages vary, but most have the traditional message: “Toynbee Idea in Kubrick’s 2001, Resurrect Dead on planet Jupiter.” Theories have been made about what they could mean, but nothing has ever been... Read More

Cold winter means higher honey prices, beekeepers say

By Lauren Dantella, Point Park News Service: With the arrival of spring, some of the area’s smallest inhabitants could be facing big losses that consumers may notice on their farmer’s market shelves. Some local beekeepers said they are expecting higher-than-average honeybee population losses following the severe cold this winter. These losses can affect the price of local honey and possibly... Read More

Haunted sites raise specter of uncertainty

By Joel Anderson, Point Park News Service: On top of a hill in Perryopolis sits the old Quaker Church, said to contain a number of specters and spirits. “It has all kinds of legends out there,” said Tom White, who wrote about the church in his book, “Witches of Pennsylvania: Occult History and Lure.” “It’s a very interesting site.” Every town has its... Read More

Social media brings new meaning to relationships

By Joel Anderson, Point Park News Service: For many people, nothing is official in a relationship unless it’s on Facebook. The new ritual of becoming “Facebook official” has extended past just announcing relationships to engagements and marriages as well. Despite the reliance on social media to announce good news, it is also having negative effects on relationships, according to a... Read More

Butcher brings past back to Bloomfield

  By Lauren Dantella, Point Park News Service: With full-scale grocery stores typically carrying many common meat items, butcher shops aren’t neighborhood staples anymore. “When they were young, there were four in the neighborhood, now there are none,” said D.J. Smulick. Smulick said he’s bringing them back — at least in Bloomfield where he runs the neighborhood’s only butcher... Read More