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Pittsburgh Glass Center – Blowing new life into the former Glass City

By Lindsay Lawrence Point Park News Service Growing up, Alex Szabo always had dreams of blowing glass although it seemed out of reach due to the lack of resources he had to work with. He knew that given the right circumstances, he would be able to create beautiful pieces of art that would last a lifetime. That’s when he discovered... Read More

Asian Carp Invasion swimming its way into Pennsylvania waters

By Lindsay Lawrence Point Park News Service For decades the Asian Carp, an  invasive fish species has threatened the ecosystem of America’s Great Lakes. Now, the aggressive species is also making its way up the Ohio River. Unless something is done to curb the spread of the creature that can grow up to 100-pounds, experts say it could potentially devastate... Read More

Silent Spring celebrates 50th Anniversary

By Lindsay Lawrence Point Park News Service Author and scientist Rachel Carson once wrote “man’s endeavors to control nature by his powers to alter and to destroy would inevitably evolve into a war against himself, a war he would lose unless he came to terms with nature.” These words still stand true today as this year marks the 50th anniversary... Read More