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The push for $15 an hour

College Students comment on the prospect of a higher minimum wage By James Kail, Point Park News Service: Casey McGaw, of Harrisburg, believes that Pennsylvania’s minimum wage is unlivable. Justin Hill a Robert Morris University senior says that a raise from $7.25 an hour would stifle hard work in society and sets a bad example for those who earn raises. Alaina... Read More

Community group seeks to restore Carrick park

By James Kail, Point Park News Service: A $350,000 budget for a remodeled gym, new signage and tools to build a safer environment for kids in 2018 was the first among many topics discussed Sept. 28 during the Friends of Phillips Park meeting at the park’s recreational center in Carrick.   During the meeting members of Carrick’s community and leaders associated with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservatory discussed and pitched... Read More

Mt. Oliver block watch discusses community and restoration

By James Kail, Point Park News Service: In efforts to improve the borough of Mt. Oliver, the local block watch met Thursday night at the Ormsby Avenue Café to pitch ideas for cleaning up the area. “We need to set a good example,” Suzanne N. Photos, one of the leaders of the watch said. “However you conduct yourself reflects on... Read More