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Black yoga: seeking higher meditation in heavy metal

By Gregg Harrington Point Park News Service Yoga is a calm and soothing way of combining exercise with meditation. But Kimee and Scott Massie see it differently. “I wanted to target that crowd that would never do yoga,” Kimee says. “I think they would benefit from it.” That crowd Massie speaks of is drawn into the couple’s slyly-branded Black Yoga.... Read More

Restaurant adds more beef to vegan options

By Gregg Harrington Photos by Allie Wynands Point Park News Service Since its August 2008 opening, Spak Brothers Pizza and More has offered an assortment of foods such as pizza, wings, hoagies, tacos and more.  However, traditional pizza shop food is not the only thing the shop is known for. The shop, located at 5107 Penn Ave., Garfield, is gaining... Read More