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Butler’s historical societies’ need young people for the future

By Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service: Organizations across Butler County are working together to preserve the area’s rich history, striving to preserve pieces of yesterday for the people of today and beyond. “If someone doesn’t keep track of our history, and our lives, by writing it down, or recording video, years from now they won’t know what happened,” Loretta... Read More

PPNS director discusses latest book, “The Color of Sundays”

By Jon Andreassi, Point Park News Service: Few are aware of the man who helped the Pittsburgh Steelers embrace diversity to build a historic team during a time of extreme racial tension. “The Color of Sundays,” a new book by Andrew Conte, a Tribune-Review investigative reporter and director of the Point Park News Service, explores how National Football League talent... Read More

Toy drives grant children’s Christmas wishes

By Gina DiGiorgio, Point Park News Service: Heather Fiedler was getting rid of her children’s old toys when suddenly she came up with a great idea for a way to give back to children in need. Fiedler decided to start her own toy drive, called “Play it Forward,” where people can donate their gently used toys to less fortunate children.... Read More

Pennsylvania teachers respond to drop in PSSA scores

By Christine Manganas, Point Park News Service: Jennifer Ernsthausen has had to adapt her teaching strategies in order to prepare her elementary students for harder testing. Ernsthausen, who has more than 22 years of teaching experience, began pushing her students with harder problems that include more steps and problem-solving. She did it all to prepare them for the next round... Read More

Pittsburgh looks to clean up with mandatory recycling

By Mia Rupani, Point Park News Service: Kyle Winkler, the current recycling supervisor at Pittsburgh’s Bureau of Environmental Services, works to ensure that recycling in the city runs smoothly. According to Chapter 619 of the city code, recycling is mandatory for every resident, business, institution and office in Pittsburgh. “From a city perspective, it is cheaper to recycle than to... Read More

Kennywood boasts region’s tallest Christmas ‘tree’

By Christopher Hawkins, Point Park News Service: Kennywood’s 5th annual light display will be highlighted by a brand new 90-foot-tall Christmas tree, the tallest on record in Pennsylvania. Several metal snowmen towering over 20 feet tall and 1,000 pounds will be on display for the first time this year at Overly’s Country Christmas, courtesy of Westmoreland County Community College. A light... Read More

Q&A: Young journalist in the Steel City

By Amber Dimitroff, Point Park News Service: Andrew Goldstein knew he would become a journalist when he was a member of his high school newspaper staff. Goldstein, a 2014 graduate of Point Park University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, now serves as a general assignments reporter and copy editor at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. During his time at Point Park, he worked for... Read More

Q&A: Brazilian native nurtures Latino culture

By Simone Keibler, Point Park News Service: Through her focus on cultural and media relations, Brazilian native Carla Leininger dedicates her time and efforts to helping the Latino community grow in Pittsburgh. More than 30 years ago, Leininger’s mother relocated the family to the United States in order to pursue her master’s degree. Then Leininger acquired her bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies at... Read More

Shelters make space to keep up with homeless needs

By Gina DiGiorgio, Point Park News Service: John Leon was living on the streets when he broke his foot and suddenly started worrying more about how he would survive. When Leon went to Light of Life Ministries on the Northside, administrators there initially said they have a waiting list for open beds and that they didn’t have any more room.... Read More