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WPPJ: Today’s top-of-hour news updates

Point Park University radio station WPPJ (670 AM) broadcasts daily news updates: Thursday, April 24: Brazil enacts Internet bill of rights to protect citizens; FDA proposes e-cigarette regulations; Point Park freshman will participate in new core curriculum   Tuesday, April 22: Ferry captain facing multiple criminal chargers; American man wins Boston Marathon; USG hosts Pioneer Community Day to raise funds... Read More

Volunteers help out around Pittsburgh

By Jack Pilkinton, The Pioneer: A full 24 hours hadn’t  passed, but Luke Ziegler was still fighting for his life. At just one-day-old, he faced his first-ever surgical procedure. Years later as a newly-minted teenager, he memorably experienced the uncertainties and philosophical quandaries that normally come to someone much older. After having open-heart surgery at such a young age, he... Read More

No home for Sonic: PA bans ‘injurious’ pets

By Marc S. Witkin, Point Park News Service: In Pennsylvania, one can legally have a variety of exotic pets – just as long as they aren’t a hedgehog or a sugar glider. Despite permits to own a bear or a mountain lion, there is absolutely no exception to the Game Commission’s ban on these smaller, outlawed mammals. They fall into... Read More

Timber rattlers are deadly – but threatened

By Andrew Goldstein, Point Park News Service: The timber rattlesnake poses a danger to humans on the receiving end of its venomous bite. But humans pose a greater threat to the timber rattler. Its population is depleting because of the advancement of civilized society cutting away at the snake’s once widespread habitat. “Compared to what it used to be, it’s... Read More

Phipps’ exhibits take root after holiday rush

By Andrew Goldstein, Point Park News Service: Ben Dunigan selects the exhibits for Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens like the curator at an art museum chooses a new art display. Dunigan, curator of horticulture at Phipps, said by mid-January people tire of the decorum on full display during the early winter months. He then picks shows at Phipps that give... Read More

Hazardous ammonia near 1.5 million Pennsylvanians

By Bill Heltzel, PublicSource: Journalism students at Point Park University, who also work for the Point Park News Service, contributed to this story. Ammonia, a toxic gas the Environmental Protection Agency classifies as extremely hazardous, is the most widely used dangerous chemical in Pennsylvania. One in every eight Pennsylvanians — 1.5 million people — lives close enough to facilities that... Read More