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Facebook looks for ways to end misinformation in the face of news deserts

By: Adam Stout “About one in three users in the U.S. live in places where we cannot find enough local news on Facebook to launch Today in,” Facebook said in a recent blog post online. “What does that mean exactly? In the last 28 days, there has not been a single day where we’ve been able to find five or... Read More

Funeral homes connect with public online

  By Abby Mathieu, Point Park News Service: Cincinnati’s Walker Funeral Home created a Facebook page two years ago – and it now has 29,000 “likes.” Its posts typically deal with grief, topics for senior citizens, pre-planning funerals,  health issues  and anything else the owners feel might be interesting to their followers. The business has since  added a blog, a Pinterest... Read More

Social media brings new meaning to relationships

By Joel Anderson, Point Park News Service: For many people, nothing is official in a relationship unless it’s on Facebook. The new ritual of becoming “Facebook official” has extended past just announcing relationships to engagements and marriages as well. Despite the reliance on social media to announce good news, it is also having negative effects on relationships, according to a... Read More