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Silent Spring celebrates 50th Anniversary

By Lindsay Lawrence Point Park News Service Author and scientist Rachel Carson once wrote “man’s endeavors to control nature by his powers to alter and to destroy would inevitably evolve into a war against himself, a war he would lose unless he came to terms with nature.” These words still stand true today as this year marks the 50th anniversary... Read More

Electric vehicles charge into local garages

By Kimberly Smith Point Park News Service With gas prices nearing $4 per gallon, creating an alternative method of transportation is becoming more and more of a necessity for some people, and electric vehicles – otherwise known as EVs – are slowly rising to meet those needs. The CreateLab at Carnegie Mellon University has spent the last two years working... Read More

Warm March, cool April, and a mild winter

Unusual Weather Patterns in Pittsburgh By Celeste Begandy Point Park News Service Summer heat in March, freeze warnings and snow in late April and an uneventful winter. So far, Pittsburgh has experienced some weird weather in 2012. “It certainly has been abnormal; I’ll tell you that,” said meteorologist Bob Reed said in a phone interview. Reed, who works at the... Read More

Invasive plants pose a growing problem

By Emily Bastaroli Point Park News Service Large shrubs of beautiful white, exotic-looking flowers can be seen along Pennsylvania rivers and waterways. Vines with metallic blue fruits budding on them are growing in parts of Frick Park and along the Allegheny River. While these plants are appealing to the eye, they are dangerous to plants and wildlife around them, botanists... Read More

Bald eagles return to Western Pennsylvania

By Justine Coyne Point Park News Service The bald eagle has come back. Most often sighted on the seal of the United States, the bird all but disappeared from Pennsylvania three decades ago. For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, a pair of eagles nested in Allegheny County last year. “Normally nest in secluded,... Read More

Off the grid: Occupy Pittsburgh gets charged up the natural way

By Darlene White Natale Point Park News Service It looks like the scene from Gilligan’s Island in which the professor rigged a bicycle that washed ashore to create electricity. The Occupy Pittsburgh activists aren’t stranded castaways but they do frequently have someone pedaling a bike to generate electricity for their tiny island in the sea of Downtown skyscrapers. Deep-cell batteries are... Read More