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Take a trip to Cuyahoga Valley

By Jared Murphy Originating as a National Recreation Area in 1974, Cuyahoga Valley was redesignated as a national park 26 years later in 2000, making it the only national park that originated as a national recreation area. Cuyahoga Valley is the only national park in Ohio and is the closest park to Pittsburgh.  Cuyahoga Valley is home to about one... Read More

Pollutants that harm Pittsburgh’s rivers

By Lauryn Nania Pittsburgh is prominently known for its abundance of bridges built across the three rivers that surround the city. From a distance, these waters accent Pittsburgh with a unique, urban beauty. However, with a closer look, numerous types of pollutants such as lead and plastic have tarnished the waters.  Lead  In 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released... Read More

Water filters fill plumbing infrastructure gap in Dominican Republic

By Ashley Murray, Point Park News Service:  In the Dominican Republic, people often go without clean water. In rural areas, community members harvest rainwater from their roofs or collect it from the nearest stream or river. And while plumbing exists in cities, many residents still buy bottled water for fear of compromised pipes. Point Park University’s Environmental Journalism students documented... Read More

No home for Sonic: PA bans ‘injurious’ pets

By Marc S. Witkin, Point Park News Service: In Pennsylvania, one can legally have a variety of exotic pets – just as long as they aren’t a hedgehog or a sugar glider. Despite permits to own a bear or a mountain lion, there is absolutely no exception to the Game Commission’s ban on these smaller, outlawed mammals. They fall into... Read More

Timber rattlers are deadly – but threatened

By Andrew Goldstein, Point Park News Service: The timber rattlesnake poses a danger to humans on the receiving end of its venomous bite. But humans pose a greater threat to the timber rattler. Its population is depleting because of the advancement of civilized society cutting away at the snake’s once widespread habitat. “Compared to what it used to be, it’s... Read More

Colorful, rare turtle threatened – but not yet endangered

By Kristopher Lancaster, Point Park News Service: Reaching lengths of more than 10 inches in adulthood, the Blanding’s turtle has a bright yellow neck and long chin that make it among Pennsylvania’s largest and most recognizable pond turtles. That is, if you can actually find one. “In Pennsylvania, the Blanding’s is a very mysterious creature,” said Collette Adkins-Giese, a reptile... Read More

Bald eagle may no longer be endangered in PA

Peregrine falcon making slower, but steady recovery   By Emily Balser, Point Park News Service: A national symbol for the United States, the bald eagle represents freedom and perseverance. But the species itself has had to endure threats to its existence over the years. Marking a milestone in the bird’s recovery across the state, the bald eagle is set to... Read More

Braddock company turns french fry oil to fuel

By Kristopher Lancaster, Point Park News Service: The same oil used to make french fries and fried chicken in most cases can fuel diesel engines. Fossil Free Fuel, based in Braddock, has been converting leftover cooking oil into biodiesel since 2007, helping improve the air and water quality throughout Pittsburgh while cutting down carbon emissions and bringing money back into... Read More

Green & Gold: Pens strike it rich in energy efficiency

By Alexandra Perry The Pioneer Before the Pittsburgh Penguins had a serious discussion about turning the all-new CONSOL Energy Center green, most of their intentions were built around cost consciousness, not sustainability. That all changed when the $321 million project’s managers, including LEED certified partners Chris Cieslak and Michael Bernard, deliberately showed Pens officials that sustainable materials would not only... Read More