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Timber rattlers are deadly – but threatened

By Andrew Goldstein, Point Park News Service: The timber rattlesnake poses a danger to humans on the receiving end of its venomous bite. But humans pose a greater threat to the timber rattler. Its population is depleting because of the advancement of civilized society cutting away at the snake’s once widespread habitat. “Compared to what it used to be, it’s... Read More

Slimy amphibian is less protected than other animals

By Akasha Chamberlain, Point Park News Service: The eastern hellbender is far from cuddly. It’s big, slimy and a little bit ugly, with inspiring nicknames like “snot otter” and “mud devil.” It is the amphibians’ odd appearance, with its large flat head, tiny eyes and big grinning mouth, that makes it endearing to environmental lawyer Collette Adkins Giese. The eastern... Read More

Bald eagle may no longer be endangered in PA

Peregrine falcon making slower, but steady recovery   By Emily Balser, Point Park News Service: A national symbol for the United States, the bald eagle represents freedom and perseverance. But the species itself has had to endure threats to its existence over the years. Marking a milestone in the bird’s recovery across the state, the bald eagle is set to... Read More

Shale drillers take note of endangered species

By Tony Sonita, Point Park News Service: If one were to ask St. Vincent College biology professor Cynthia Walter about the impact Marcellus Shale drilling has on wildlife, he or she better be prepared to discuss the topic at length. “Where to begin?” she said. “Well, the process of fracking disrupts ecosystems. The drilling can move animals, damage fish and... Read More