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Election Day Coverage 2017

FOLLOW POINT PARK UNIVERSITY STUDENTS THROUGHOUT THE DAY AS THEY REPORT IN FROM POLLING PLACES AROUND WESTERN PA. The state of the polls in the morning  Deborah McMullen, 54, arrived early to vote at Resurrection Church in Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighborhood before work to make sure she could act out her civil duties as a citizen.   “I don’t think in people’s minds they think about how important it is to vote for a judge, until they have... Read More

General election brings slow day at many polling places

Two long check in tables lined the basement of St. Catherine School at 1915 Broadway Ave in Beechview in the closing hours of Election Day. Behind those tables were many exhausted workers, along with voting booths that went largely unfilled throughout the day. “It’s been really slow,” Judge of Elections Rose Getty said. “This is probably the worst it has... Read More

Union says their issues benefit all

By Justin Brown Point Park News Service The upholding of Obama-care allowed union member John Jeffers’ daughter to stay on his insurance for a recent surgery, saving her $15,000 dollars. Because of the political works by local unions working with the Obama administration to put pressure on companies outsourcing to China, Nova Chemicals has retained hundreds of jobs in Pittsburgh,... Read More