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Shepherd’s Heart helps homeless Pittsburgh veterans

By Deandra Williamson Point Park News Service Donald Carter remembers the first shot of morphine he took in Vietnam after shrapnel ripped through his right eye. Another vet, Chuck Webb, talked about his descent into drug addiction, which started with physical abuse from his father and continued through a troubled life. Both vets fell deeply into substance abuse, which plagued... Read More

Math symposium introduces students to Ancient Chinese surveying

By Deandra Williamson Point Park News Service While standing on Mon Wharf, James Gualtieri and Drevin Galentine and a group of high school students calculated the height of Mt. Washington with an ancient Chinese surveying technique using sticks, strings, and a measuring tape. The students created ratios and equations and were able to compute approximately the height of Mt. Washington.... Read More

A close look at presidential debates, examining candidates

By Deandra Williamson Point Park News Service When watching a presidential debate, veteran newsman Sander Vanocur always looks at the intelligence and character of a candidate and evaluates whether the candidate has the capacity to do not what is right for himself, but what is right for the country. During a debate, people should examine the candidates’ command for the... Read More