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Students’ spring break plans include earning income, having fun

By Melanie Vangas, Point Park News Service: Stressing about finals and her remaining two years of college, Michelle Azadi found herself thinking of a distant vacation destination, even if it might take some time before she can afford it. Josue Acosta counts down the days until his arrival in paradise. “Spring break is all about forgetting school and having a great time,”... Read More

NHL lockout sends fans back to college

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service Aaron Troy’s eyes never leave the ice as a Robert Morris University forward grabs a rebound and slides the puck past the Bentley University goalie. It’s not a Sidney Crosby backhander, but Troy will take it. “It’s not the best hockey, but it’s hockey,” he said. Troy, like all National Hockey League fans,... Read More

New company aims to level the college expenses playing field

By Krystal Hare Point Park News Service Elayn Martin-Gay’s “Intermediate Algebra,” a textbook on local university textbook lists, costs between $44.15 and $147.76 at Barnes & Noble (B&N). OrgSync, a student organization software, costs $2,500 per year on the Studies also support that student start-up ideas can help generate future jobs. Now, a start-up company aims to help lower... Read More

Local college students try to get the youth to the polls

By Pete Bridge Point Park News Service The Point Park College Republicans want to bring a speaker from a conservative, gay organization called Go Proud to their campus to rally support for Mitt Romney while a different Point Park group backing Barack Obama has canvassed downtown. A Duquesne University fraternity held a student debate for politically interested students to prepare for... Read More

Depression silent fear among college students

By Sebentile Dlamini Point Park News Service Feelings of sadness and anxiousness overwhelmed a nineteen-year-old freshman in his first foray away from home. In the midst of depression he began to lose weight, was unable to sleep, and became disinterested with his schoolwork and extracurricular activities. He contemplated suicide when his loved ones intervened and sought psychological help and is... Read More

Renting cars is a Zip

By Megan Guza Point Park News Service Ross Marshall needed a car. With rental rates expensive and buying a car out of the question, the then-student at Duquesne University turned to the only car-sharing program he could find – Zipcar. The rates though, were discouraging to Marshall, 25, of Mount Washington. “When I was looking into getting a Zipcar, I... Read More