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Environmental Leaders Link Health Issues to Poor Air Quality in Allegheny County

A version of this story ran on Tube City Online. By Mary Shelly, Point Park News Service The number of people dying in Allegheny County from exposure to air pollution is comparable to the numbers of the opioid epidemic, a Carnegie Mellon University professor who has studied air pollution emissions, told the Pittsburgh City Council on April 2. “There’s approximately... Read More

Possible Solutions to Pennsylvania’s Gerrymandering Conundrum

Research from Carnegie Mellon University inspires proposed protocols to end issue By: Kimberly Keagy, Point Park News Service:   When Carnegie Mellon University mathematician Alan Frieze started thinking about why half the state voted Democrat, he wondered why the Democrats only had 5 seats in Congress? This prompted him to look into a more fair way of drawing districts. He and... Read More

Point Park student continues coverage on campaign trail

By Mark Dovi, Point Park News Service: Once word got out that President Obama was going to be making a stop in Pittsburgh on Thursday, October 13 for the White House Frontiers Conference, I immediately contacted the press office at the White House. In similar fashion to the presidential debate, I had to supply them with all sorts of information... Read More

Ireland native transforms CMU’s bagpipe program

By Carly McLeod, Point Park News Service: By 2010, Carnegie Mellon University employed two world-class bagpipe players to lead the world’s first bagpipe performance program — but there was little student interest. That was until a 24-year-old Irish lad named Andrew Carlisle crossed the Atlantic to spearhead the program. Since his arrival, the program has grown to involve two bands... Read More

Electric conversion jolts Carnegie Mellon

By Kimberly Smith The Pioneer   When Electric Vehicles—or EVs—first became available for sale in 2001, Illah Nourbakhsh did whatever he had to do to buy one, even if it meant driving to California to get it. Nourbakhsh, a Robotics professor at Carnegie Mellon and a director of the University’s CreateLab, trucked across the country and came home with a Toyota RAV4 EV.  Twelve years later,... Read More

Electric vehicles charge into local garages

By Kimberly Smith Point Park News Service With gas prices nearing $4 per gallon, creating an alternative method of transportation is becoming more and more of a necessity for some people, and electric vehicles – otherwise known as EVs – are slowly rising to meet those needs. The CreateLab at Carnegie Mellon University has spent the last two years working... Read More