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Pittsburgh cigar shop offers laid-back vibe

By Ben Wyland, Point Park News Service: Pittsburgh’s Strip District can be an overwhelming and a chaotic place for a first-time visitor. Leaf and Bean, a cigar and coffee shop, offsets that chaos and provides a laid-back and slower-paced environment for the busy Strip. Owner Jim Robinson, also known as “Island Jim,” wanted to open a place where he could hang... Read More

John the Craftist puts Pittsburghese on paper

By Sara Payne, Point Park News Service: When routine oral surgery turned into never-ending pain and a diagnosis of atypical trigeminal neuralgia in May of 2010, Alethea Okonak had never felt more isolated. But she found hope just outside in her mailbox. “It really meant something when I would go to get the mail, and it was a ton of... Read More

McClatchy says Pirates always at a ‘slight disadvantage’

By Alex Stumpf, Point Park News Service: Former Pittsburgh Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy talked with the Point Park News Service about the baseball team’s winning season, changes in the business side of the game and what he wants to see for the future of the club. Earlier he spoke with Point Park University students about the business of sports management.... Read More