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Mechanical Gaming

By Luke Labishak, Point Park News Service: I started playing video games in the early 2000s with a hand-me-down Super Nintendo Entertainment System I got from my dad. Today, gaming is a multibillion-dollar industry that promises to get bigger. And, I’ll be there to experience it and to share my thoughts at Read More

A Mission to Civilize

By Veronica Kropf, Point Park News Service: I feel that people in today’s society are severely lacking in manners and common courtesy. I discuss instances from my daily life of right and wrong behavior. Wrong meaning situations I’ve observed of strangers being rude, obnoxious or inconsiderate. Right meaning acts of random kindness. Consider me the polite police — but that... Read More

A Passion for Pittsburgh

By Dana Fitzgerald, Point Park News Service: Hey yinz! Ever wonder what there is to do in Pittsburgh? Whether you are native to the Steel City or just visiting, I am here to let you know about all that is going on. I will cover everything from Steeler games and events to the latest Heinz Hall performances. Visit my blog... Read More

Little Chef Great Food

By Amey Michelle, Point Park News Service: Welcome to the world of cooking for both novice and experience cooks! I have been cooking ever since I could properly stir ingredients in a bowl without making a mess. I wanted to go to school for cooking but knew that it could be a good back-up. Instead, I use my broadcasting and programming... Read More