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The Veiled Life

By Dana Bohince, Point Park News Service: The goal of this blog is to share information and raise awareness of the inhumane treatment of animals. There are many topics to be discussed, and I hope to invoke thought-provoking views and awareness when it comes to the well-being of animals. See my blog at: Read More

Jon C. TV

By Jon Andreassi, Point Park News Service: Go inside TV with me, Jon C. I will be reviewing shows like “Breaking Bad and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Plus, look for in-depth  analysis of the episodes. Join the conversation about your favorite shows at: Read More

Wear What?

By Madison Taylor, Point Park News Service: Wear What? is dedicated to the colorful worlds of fashion and beauty. Here you will find the things that make me my happiest — obscure thrift-store purchases, shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, reviews and tips. Plus you can expect occasional posts featuring my outfits and modeling experiences. See my blog at Read More