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A Little Bit of Lace

By Katie Pflug, Point Park News Service: I write about fashionable fashions for a preppie shopper on a budget. I want everyone to understand that it is possible to have an amazing closet of quality clothes while still shopping on a budget. Join me at Read More

Underground News Now

By Spencer Melillo, Point Park News Service: My mission is to bring the world the news that is often not brought to the attention of the public or is often overlooked. Non-biased and reasonable coverage is what to be expected. Join me at Read More

Even Crazy Dreams Come True

By Katelyn Howard, Point Park News Service: I am a stylish, independent woman studying public relations and advertising in the gorgeous city of Pittsburgh. This blog will chronicle my journey as I use confidence, hard work,and a little bit of sparkle to get what I want from my career, my relationships and my life. Join me at Read More