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Baseball brings cultures together in Pittsburgh

By Carly Bozick, Point Park News Service: Emmanuel Lopez, Richard Perez and Felix Castillo all have relocated to Pittsburgh from different Caribbean and South American countries for their love of baseball. Lopez, a Puerto Rican native, Perez, a native of Venezuela, and Castillo, a native of the Dominican Republic, are capitalizing on their opportunities to play baseball at the collegiate... Read More

Canonsburg feels #LukeStrong for player with terminal illness

By Madison Vranish, Point Park News Service: At just 15 years old in 2013, Luke Blanock started experiencing a strange pain in his back and spinal area. After a series of medical checks, Blanock learned that the problems he was experiencing were related to Ewing’s Sarcoma, an extremely rare type of bone cancer. His prospects for survival were bleak. “This disease... Read More

Pirate fans prepare for Wild Card game with rally

By Haley Wisniewski, Point Park News Service: No matter where she is or where she goes, Vivian Carnprobst always makes sure to have a radio nearby so she can tune in to the Pirates game. When Chris Miller and Jeff Walters walk the streets of Pittsburgh in head-to-toe pirate costumes, “outcasts” would be the last word to describe them. These... Read More

Law follows baseball dream from Beechview to pros

By Tyler Trainor, Point Park News Service: Before Derek Law was born, his parents were traveling back to Pittsburgh after his father’s failed attempts to become a Major League Baseball player when they were involved in a nasty crash. His mother was seven months pregnant with the Law, who is now 23, during the crash. The car flipped repeatedly, but... Read More

What to watch: Pirates or Penguins?

By Trever Sheets, Point Park News Service: Chris White plans to watch the Pirates while catching glimpses of the Penguins when he can. There is no doubt in Joe Komar’s mind either that he will be watching the Pirates’ playoff game instead of the Penguins’ home opener. They are among thousands of fans faced with the rare situation: The Pirates... Read More

Pirates fans cheer winning season, playoff run

Point Park News Service: With just a few games left in the regular season, Pirates fans talked to students in Prof. Helen Fallon’s Journalism 150 class about the team’s first winning season in 20 years and the playoff run. The following Point Park University students contributed to this report: Noelle Barnhart, Annlist Bezri, Laura Byko, Enrico Caparelli, Carly Corcoran, Paul... Read More