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Baron Batch sees graffiti as medium for social change

By Christopher Ward, Point Park News Service: Growing up in West Texas, where high school football is a top priority, Baron Batch knew that playing the game was a given – but deep down inside he always knew that he wanted to be an artist, too. As a kid, Batch had a speech impediment where he couldn’t say the letter R, so... Read More

Q&A: Player-turned-painter shares his journey

By Anthony Mendicino, Point Park News Service: Baron Batch is an artist. One glance inside his Homestead studio feels like a trek to the inner workings of his mind: loud, vibrant colors juxtaposed with warm wood tones and a random collection of toys, doohickeys and doodads formed and reformed in Batch’s signature style. Before the art and the studio, Batch was... Read More

John the Craftist puts Pittsburghese on paper

By Sara Payne, Point Park News Service: When routine oral surgery turned into never-ending pain and a diagnosis of atypical trigeminal neuralgia in May of 2010, Alethea Okonak had never felt more isolated. But she found hope just outside in her mailbox. “It really meant something when I would go to get the mail, and it was a ton of... Read More

New Carnegie museum exhibition focuses on ‘shocking’ artist Whistler

By Ligaya Ganster Point Park News Service In one popular lithograph, a shadowy, indiscernible figure emerges from the darkness of a metalworking shop. A second shows how the infamous, if not controversial, artist drew the ire of 19th century art critics because only the hazy outlines of boats are seen floating mysteriously on a river. These works are among the... Read More