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Q&A: Player-turned-painter shares his journey

By Anthony Mendicino, Point Park News Service: Baron Batch is an artist. One glance inside his Homestead studio feels like a trek to the inner workings of his mind: loud, vibrant colors juxtaposed with warm wood tones and a random collection of toys, doohickeys and doodads formed and reformed in Batch’s signature style. Before the art and the studio, Batch was... Read More

City safety blitz gets underway in Carrick

By Anthony Mendicino, Point Park News Service: Final plans for the Carrick Crime Blitz were outlined recently, targeting 42 properties for possible condemnation or seizure as local citizens and law enforcement say they have been at the center of crime in the community. Representatives from Mayor Bill Peduto’s office as well as local law enforcement met with Carrick residents and... Read More