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Dramatic increases in drug prices spark debate

By Alicia Green, Point Park News Service: Stuart Fisk has cared for people with HIV/AIDS for 25 years. The Allegheny Health Network nurse practitioner and director of the Positive Health Clinic said he remembers when the drug Daraprim was much more commonly used because a lot more people were sick and dying of the parasitic disease toxoplasmosis. Daraprim is used... Read More

Student activism stirs college campuses, as always

By Alicia Green, Point Park News Service: When Alex Austin realized how bad it’s going to get for his 11-year-old daughter and other kids who would one day attend college, he realized he needed to act for the future. After learning about the Million Student March, a national movement aimed at tuition-free public college, the cancellation of all student debt... Read More

Disabled citizens seek full integration at ADA’s 25th anniversary

By Alicia Green, Point Park News Service: When Joseph Wassermann, 81, used to cross the street, he had to depend on the sound of traffic and his own confidence to get him across safely. Unlike some people who can rely on both their sight and hearing, Wassermann, a retired teacher from Oakland, never had that option because he is blind.... Read More

Q&A: Beyond the music with saxophonist Darryl Leeper

By Alicia Green, Point Park News Service: Walk through Market Square on any given day and you might see Darryl Leeper, 60, a North Side native, playing various tunes on his saxophone with passion. Occasionally, he stops between songs to take breaks, but he’s always right back at it. Leeper recently agreed to share a little about himself and his... Read More

Carnegie Science Center prepares for invasion of adults

By Alicia Green, Point Park News Service: Having the chance to be a kid again – all while learning about science and engaging with like-minded adults – is at the heart of the Carnegie Science Center’s 21+ Night program. “We always noticed when adults are here, especially if they’re here with their kids, (they’re) standing back and letting the kids... Read More