Original Oyster House is still quite a catch

By Rebecca Warner and Gregg Harrington Point Park News Service When the Original Oyster House opened in 1870, oysters sold for a penny a piece and  glasses of beer for a dime. While prices have changed since its inception – the original breaded oyster sells for $1.90 today, a pint for $2.75 – not much else has. Read More

Camera shops becoming rare

By Celeste Begandy Point Park News Service A half-lit neon sign says “Camera Repair,” advertising one of the last photography shops  in Downtown, nestled among the storefronts of Market Square. Inside, a narrow path leads between two glass cases of numerous cameras, including everything from professional DSLR to point-and-shoot varieties. Read More

Local bars say false IDs easy to identify

By Abby Mathieu Point Park News Service Thursdays are a big night for the Pittsburgh Café. Individuals line up at the door to have their IDs approved by Jordan Benjamin, a tall, bulky man one would not want to upset. Benjamin has no problem turning away individuals who seemingly have a fake ID. The Courthouse Tavern located in Downtown Pittsburgh... Read More

Downtown boutique owners question future

By Abby Mathieu Point Park News Service For years, Kimberly and Peter Coppola, owners of a Downtown fashion accessory boutique, welcomed the presence of Saks Fifth Avenue as a positive influence. Shoppers would venture into the city to shop at Saks, then visit other stores, such as their boutique, Serendipity at PPG Place, which offers fashion-forward accessories, including handbags, jewelry... Read More