Pittsburgh teams to face-off at The Cheerleading Worlds

By Kimberly Victoria Smith Point Park News Service As the remix of “Fire,” by Dolce ends, the 30 cheerleaders of Fire and Ice 5-Alarm stand up from their ending pose with the hopes of getting a drink of water before their coach tells them to hurry and get back into formation. “We’re doing this routine again, full out!” said Marc... Read More

Original Oyster House is still quite a catch

By Rebecca Warner and Gregg Harrington Point Park News Service When the Original Oyster House opened in 1870, oysters sold for a penny a piece and  glasses of beer for a dime. While prices have changed since its inception – the original breaded oyster sells for $1.90 today, a pint for $2.75 – not much else has. Read More

Camera shops becoming rare

By Celeste Begandy Point Park News Service A half-lit neon sign says “Camera Repair,” advertising one of the last photography shops  in Downtown, nestled among the storefronts of Market Square. Inside, a narrow path leads between two glass cases of numerous cameras, including everything from professional DSLR to point-and-shoot varieties. Read More