Pittsburgh Parking Authority to upgrade meters

By Lindsay Dill Point Park News Service In her daily ritual, Sherri Williams stops at the bank, picks up a roll of quarters, drives around the downtown streets until she finds a parking spot and then loads her quarters into a meter. “I go through so many quarters – $13 a day,” said Williams, who is studying at the Everest... Read More

Churches bring pop-culture to the pulpit to reach the masses

By Mary Ours Point Park News Service Pastor Brian Edmonds uses quotes and different phrases from pop culture so that more people can relate to his weekly service. Recently the pastor at the Hill District’s Macedonia Baptist Church worked in a few words of wisdom from popular rapper T.I.: “You can have whatever you like.” “There are limits to what... Read More

From Enron to Kolaches

By Rebecca Warner Point Park News Service On Kristi Harper’s first day of work at a bank in Houston, a co-worker brought in a dozen pastries. Harper took a bite of the semisweet dough with a bit of fruit in the middle. She learned they Czech treats were called kolaches. It was not only love at first bite, but when... Read More

Election Day – Spring 2012

Today the Point Park News Service is covering the election across western Pennsylvania and is reporting for each hour of the day. Search by time: 5 P.M. | 4 P.M. | 3 P.M. | 12 P.M. | 11 A.M. | 10 A.M. | 9 A.M. | 8 A.M. | 7 A.M.   5 P.M. Baldwin Borough By Alex Stumpf Point Park News Service The halls of Bishop John B. McDowell Regional... Read More

Looking past Mormon beliefs could lead to a Presidency for Romney

By Kimberly Smith Point Park News Service GOP front-runner Mitt Romney made it clear that his religious beliefs are not to be his defining characteristic during his 2007 “Faith In America” speech when he compared himself to one of America’s most respected presidents, John F. Kennedy. “Almost 50 years ago, another candidate from Massachusetts explained that he was an American... Read More