Invasive plants pose a growing problem

By Emily Bastaroli Point Park News Service Large shrubs of beautiful white, exotic-looking flowers can be seen along Pennsylvania rivers and waterways. Vines with metallic blue fruits budding on them are growing in parts of Frick Park and along the Allegheny River. While these plants are appealing to the eye, they are dangerous to plants and wildlife around them, botanists... Read More

Rehab fosters religious relationships

By Andrew Goldstein Point Park News Service When church friends Helen Knox and Cathleen White found themselves recovering from knee replacement surgery over the Easter holidays in a Jewish nursing home, they could have had a negative experience in dealing with a culture they knew little about. Instead, the two members of the Second Baptist Church of Homestead turned the... Read More

Many say same-sex marriage deals with civil rights

By Allie Wynands Point Park News Service Gay people want to destroy the sanctity of marriage. Gay people are promiscuous and therefore don’t belong in the institution. These are the some of the reasons that Helene Gosselin of Butler, and mother of three sons of whom two identify as gay, say opponents of same-sex marriage use to justify their argument. Read More

Pittsburgh’s youth volunteer for Global Youth Service Day

By Abby Mathieu Point Park News Service Next week, the Pittsburgh CLO Mini-Stars will take the stage at the Glen Hazel Regional Center to entertain elderly residents living there. Additionally, students from Upper St. Clair High School and Community East School will be volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Groups from City Charter High School, as well as other... Read More