Live Music in the Time of Coronavirus

By Emma Christley Finding itself in a vital crossroads moment, survival takes priority over improvement in the live music industry. Cattivo, located in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood, is listed as temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic on their official website. Photo Credits: Andrew Otts   When Abby Goldstein first arrived in Pittsburgh, she found a music scene that was fragmented... Read More

Homelessness During a Pandemic

By Hayley Farrell How Organizations in Pittsburgh Continue to Help the Homeless Through These Times  Michael Johnson, 48 of Swissvale was homeless for four years before he was able to find an apartment through the services offered at Wood Street Commons, a homeless shelter located on Third Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. “I am grateful for everyone at Wood Street. I... Read More

Education During the Coronavirus

By Hayley Farrell How College Students are Coping with a Full-Time Online Education  Veronica James was able to take all but one class remotely for the Fall semester, which may put her family at risk. Another student named Daniel Whitaker is struggling with being his own boss. While Samantha Ritter is protecting her family by being remote this semester her... Read More

Local Businesses Adapting to Pandemic

By Jamella Smith George Luck and Amber Boyd did not time the opening of their new smoothie and tea bar around the pandemic, but they’ve been able to make a go of it despite the COVID-19 virus. For Danielle Blair, a creator, the pandemic is a perfect time to make candles, soaps and bath salts that grew into a business.... Read More

Point Park Student finds her “Shanti” through yoga

By Zoey Angelucci Sophomore business student, Madison Shick, has found true “Shanti” in her wavering journey from being affected by three concussions to becoming a recently certified yoga instructor. Throughout her high school career, Shick experienced three, separate concussive episodes caused by gym class, basketball and cheerleading. After her third, she had trouble sleeping for months and lost some physical... Read More

Keeping the Applause Alive: Theatre Festival Goes Virtual

By Vanessa Vivas While Alexa Wildenberg was disappointed that the career-enhancing Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) is going virtual, she nonetheless plans to attend because it is known as a gateway to acting careers. Regardless of the virtual components, senior theatre arts major, Augustine Ubannwa, refuses to give up the opportunity to network and expose himself to working... Read More