College’s award scholarships for esports

By Nathan Cardillo Point Park Valorant Team playing against Akron University, Summer 2021 Christopher Gaul lives out a dream that most people could only imagine a reality. As the head coach for the Point Park University Esports program for the past year and a half, he gets to play video games for a paycheck. He also has given the opportunity... Read More

Point Park Students Cover the 2021 Mayoral Election

All semester long the COMM 105 Honors Media and Society class has been studying the media, its history and its role in society. One major part of this is how important media literacy is to our democracy.  This is so evident during elections, and even though this is an off-off year election, with mostly local and judicial elections, media literacy... Read More

Introduction to Photojournalism Class Captures 2021 Mayoral Election

The following photos and cutlines were taken and written by Chris Rolinson’s Introduction to Photojournalism students. Smithfield Street’s Human Services Building presented empty early afternoon. The building operates as a polling location during elections. (Photo by Frank Smith) Michael Walsh, a junior Point Park University student, researches the mayoral candidates’ policies before heading to the polls in Downtown Pittsburgh. Walsh,... Read More

Vox Populus

The Latin words vox populus mean “voice of the people.” Journalists use this phrase to describe a type of storytelling that asks people on the street their opinions about important topics. With this in mind, Point Park University students talked with people in Downtown about some of the biggest stories of the day. COVID-19 pandemic By Nathan Cardillo Jacob Dulya, 18, From... Read More

Meet The Globe’s next editor-in-chief

By Lauryn Nania Amanda Andrews knew since the third grade that writing would remain a passion in her life. “I had a project where I had to cover Fallingwater, which kind of tied to journalism. I was interested in informational writing from a really young age,” Andrews said. “I was really excited to put together what was my first comprehensive... Read More

Senior reflects on her last year as a Point Park cheerleader

By Geena Provenzano On Feb. 28, Point Park’s cheerleading team competed in their last competition of the year. It was not only the end of the team’s season, but also the end of senior Riley Norman’s 11-year cheerleading career. Norman had a spot on Point Park’s cheerleading team since her freshman year. This season the 21-year-old was named captain, along... Read More

A Secret Spring Break?

By Zoey Angelucci Every April, Point Park students joyfully finish their semester by celebrating with end-of-year activities. April is a time of performances, showcases, banquets and of course, graduation. Students spend their last few weeks together before the summer break, while seniors can take these final days as an exciting end before their new beginnings. However, this year students are... Read More

Manifestation: What it is and how it works

By Geena Provenzano Last Spring, quarantine left the entire world in a type of isolation it has never experienced before. Thanks to TikTok, people were able to find creative ways to cure their boredom. Some turned to dancing. Some turned to cooking. And some turned to magic. Over the summer, thousands of TikTok users shared their experiences with manifestation, sparking... Read More

The Move of Academic Hall’s 100th Anniversary

By Zoey Angelucci Frank Smith played Pokémon Go with a group of friends often in the fall of 2019. For the new Point Park students, it became just a fun way to discover the city around their campus. To his surprise, the university’s Academic Hall was listed as a Pokéstop on the game. It included a fact that the building... Read More

The Future of Fashion

By Geena Provenzano The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to change many aspects of their lives—one being style. As lockdowns progressed, people started adopting a more casual wardrobe. Sweatpants became the new normal, as Zoom meetings and classes were conducted from the waist up. Stores that once specialized in formalwear, began selling loungewear. With nowhere to go, there wasn’t much... Read More