Daimere Stephens-Stewart kicks off his freshman track season

by Zoey Angelucci Daimere Stephens-Stewart, a freshman track and field member, started competing in the sport much later than most of his fellow athletes. The Point Park student originally played football in high school but switched to track after a bad experience. And he hasn’t looked back since. The 18-year-old Pittsburgh native has competed in the 60-meter dash, 200-meter dash,... Read More

5 Ways to Avoid the Quarantine 15

by Zoey Angelucci Life has been absolutely turned upside down for almost a year now because of the coronavirus quarantine. Masks are mandatory; social distancing is a staple. No one imagined we would ever have to live like this. Every aspect of life has been largely affected, including exercise and healthy living. In the past almost year, gyms have been... Read More

Pandemic who?

by Elena Troia After many months of government-mandated closures, Miami’s nightlife is back. Mask-less people fill a popular bar called Booze Garden. Photo by: Elena Troia By: Elena Troia For bartender Andres Gonzalez of Racket, a popular club in the Wynwood Walls, it has been “non-stop” for him and his co-workers, as hundreds of people start to fill up the... Read More

College Sports Cut Short Due to COVID-19

by Elena Troia How Point Park University senior athletes are coping with impact of a global pandemic When Point Park sports seasons got canceled last spring, junior soccer player Jonathan Hanks didn’t realize that it may be a long time until he returns to the field. Senior women’s soccer team member Makahla Wiler feels as if this is her worst... Read More

How Religious Groups Recovered Community during COVID-19

by Sarah Gibson One key resource that religions as a concept can provide is that of community with others. In some sects, such as Quakerism, the community serves as a core tenant of the religion itself. Most religions base themselves around some sort of regular gathering to sit with others and practice their religious traditions together. So when a pandemic... Read More


By: Andrew D. Otts Regional Real Estate on the Rise Despite COVID A boom in real estate can be seen by the multitude of homes on the market throughout neighborhoods in and around Pittsburgh. Photo Credit: Andrew Otts When Nicole Jackman and her husband first saw the 127-year-old Victorian home in Coraopolis, she was immediately taken by its beauty, so... Read More

Staying Afloat

by Andrew D. Otts Small Businesses Adapt to Changing Times As the pandemic arrived in Pittsburgh, bar owner and local DJ Adam Kulik knew the road ahead looked dismal for his businesses but saw an opportunity to adapt. Like Kulik, business owners across the city began brainstorming new ways to attract customers and create content during these unprecedented circumstances. “We... Read More

History Repeats in Real Time

By Emma Christley Similarities between the 2020 and 1918 pandemics reveal three lessons to be learned In 1945, long-awaited vaccinations for the Influenza virus, which created a worldwide pandemic in 1918, were first administered to military personnel, before going out to the general public. In December 2020, the Food and Drug Administration approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in record time and... Read More