Point Park student battles leukemia

By Nicholas Horwat, Point Park News Service: Like most college students, she was focused on getting good grades, but she was facing something bigger. One Point Park University student was not only continuing school and maintaining good grades, but also battling acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).   This student requested to remain anonymous due to the emotional and physical distress the... Read More

Baron Batch sees graffiti as medium for social change

By Christopher Ward, Point Park News Service: Growing up in West Texas, where high school football is a top priority, Baron Batch knew that playing the game was a given – but deep down inside he always knew that he wanted to be an artist, too. As a kid, Batch had a speech impediment where he couldn’t say the letter R, so... Read More

Marrow’s run to tomorrow

By Bryan Partika, Point Park News Service: At track meets across the country, anxious athletes can be seen walking around the infield, focusing on their upcoming event. These athletes pace around each other, mingling in the crowd of warmup suits and backpacks. In Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Desmond Marrow was just another face in that crowd. Marrow said his running career had... Read More