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Isolation from Family in Trying Times

By Hayley Farrell The year of 2020 has brought forth changes for the lives of many people living in this world. We have all been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The lives of many have been ripped from under them. I can say that personally I am grateful for the health of myself, my family, and my friends. Many of... Read More

Living with a Chronic Illness during a Pandemic

Name Withheld From a very young age, I learned that I am different from my other children. I spent my childhood being pulled from school early to go to the hospital for appointments. Bloodwork, MRIs and IVs became second nature. Passing out during dance class was a regular occurrence. I have been taking public transit to the Children’s Hospital of... Read More

Struggling with Adjustments

By Halle Compton Being stuck at home was not something I wanted to do during my final month of school. But due to unforeseen circumstances, things aren’t where a lot of people want it to be. Personally, I hate being home. I hate being cooped up. It doesn’t help my anxiety much. Hearing news about the virus irks me and... Read More

Sticking to Normal Routines in Uncertain Times

Name Withheld The effects of the abrupt changes have been drastic on both my college life and personal life, which have become one at this point. Between the stress of moving off campus in such a hurry, the stress of online schooling and the stress of the pandemic at large has created a lot more anxiety for me as well... Read More

Roadblocks and Struggles in Difficult Times

By Tia Bailey It seemed like it all happened so quickly: Schools were closing down and moving online, and suddenly we were all home, in quarantine, working on our courses online and unable to leave our houses.  This has been the biggest change for me, as I am the kind of person who learns best in a classroom, and the... Read More

Leaving Downtown Pittsburgh Behind

By Amanda Andrews I sat in the back of my family’s minivan, piled high with a mini-fridge, a large suitcase, books and notebooks spilling out of several plastic bags. My older sister had the windows rolled down, and the air was brisk as we pulled onto Boulevard of the Allies and away from the campus I had called home since... Read More

Point Park Student’s Living Nightmare

Produced by Kelsey Braun Kelsey works in a grocery store and she documented what her job and life are now like as she works through terrible circumstances. This 60-second documentary is an assignment for Gina Catanzarite’s Broadcast News Reporting class. Students had to create a 60-second documentary featuring someone. This had its challenges because of the current COVID-19 quarantine. This... Read More

Point Park Performing Arts Student Learns Online

Produced by Vanessa Vivas How are Point Park’s visual and performing arts students adapting to online learning?  Meet one student who demonstrates the innovative methods being used in his virtual classroom. This 60-second documentary is an assignment for Gina Catanzarite’s Broadcast Writing and Editing class. Students had to create a 60-second documentary featuring someone. This had its challenges because of... Read More

Living with Asthma in the Steel City

Disclaimer: Information for this article has been provided by TRIB Live. By Trish Miralles Lindsay Carson, a senior at Point Park University, always keeps an asthma inhaler with her as she traverses campus to get to class. She never leaves home without it. In her dorm room, rests a stronger steroid inhaler for when symptoms persist, as well as a... Read More

Pittsburgh nonprofit Hello Neighbor welcomes immigrant families

By: Humayoon Babur Under a cloudless sky, dozens of immigrant families gathered at Carnegie Park in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, on June 22 to enjoy the outdoors and spend time together, looking like a big, connected family.  Hello Neighbor is a nonprofit organization that provides mentorship and friendship to support refugee and immigrant families. To mark the end of World Refugee Week,... Read More