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Walking Libations Tour

Informative and Sample Heavy Tour Offers Incite to Strip District By Hattie Charney Wigle Whiskey on Smallman Street kicks off the history and libations tour with their bourbon and rye whiskeys. Maggie’s Farm Rum and Pennsylvania Winery bring in groups of like-liquor minded people. Pennsylvania Libations is a roundup of the above places and of distilleries all across Pennsylvania. Marta... Read More

Historic Neighborhoods Slowly Vanishing

A Problem that Only the Natives Understand By Tiara Strong The $32 million Cap Park project is currently under construction in Downtown Pittsburgh. The park is said to reconnect the lower Hill District to downtown, bringing investment opportunities and jobs to the residents of the Hill District. However, not everyone is buying it, as Hill District residents have heard this... Read More

Introduction to COVID-19 Personal Essays

As we end this surreal online semester brought about by the COVID-19 crisis that stilled our campus, our city, our state, our nation and world, I asked my JOUR 257 Feature and Interpretive Writing class students to add one last assignment to their now-online course: a personal essay.  I wanted the students to not only write something for me but... Read More

Valuable Lessons from Coronavirus Pandemic Experience

By Nicole Ufheil I feel that I have learned many valuable lessons from the coronavirus pandemic experience.  In my college experience, moving from the classroom instruction to online learning has been easy for me.  I was already comfortable with online courses because I had already taken some in the past.  The amount of work is still the same.  I was... Read More

Out of a Job, yet Hoping for Normalcy

By Andrew Otts The week leading up to the closures my panic began to set in. I had spent the last few nights working at my bar, and despite the fear of a pandemic, we were consistently packed. The tension between my co-workers was palpable as we all began to realize just how exposed and at risk we might be.... Read More

Watching the Pandemic Arise

By Mitchell Drake On the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, I took a short walk around Downtown Pittsburgh. In Market Square, I saw groups of intoxicated people laughing, taking pictures while clad in green party-wear and cheap beads to celebrate the holiday.  Beside the groups of howling cheerful people, I saw frightened and red-eyed older people wearing face masks briskly... Read More

Living with a Chronic Illness during a Pandemic

Name Withheld From a very young age, I learned that I am different from my other children. I spent my childhood being pulled from school early to go to the hospital for appointments. Bloodwork, MRIs and IVs became second nature. Passing out during dance class was a regular occurrence. I have been taking public transit to the Children’s Hospital of... Read More

To the Future: Take Expert Advice Seriously

By Cordell Conrad When a historic event directly impacts any facet of your life, abrupt changes almost always follow —and the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly no different. Since the novel coronavirus started ravaging the United States, just about every part of my life from shopping to academic work to personal relationships has changed.   In a way, the damages this... Read More