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Rally supports Conflict Kitchen’s efforts

By Ralph Musthaler, Point Park News Service: Supporters rallied for the re-opening of Conflict Kitchen on Monday, Nov. 10, 2014 in the wake of the restaurant’s closing late last week after receiving threats over its Palestinian menu and food wrappers that feature stories from people in Palestine. On Tuesday, Conflict Kitchen announced it would re-open as police continue to investigate... Read More

More women taking care of funeral business

By Julia Kramer, Point Park News Service: Sue Striffler realized at 16 that she wanted to follow her father into the funeral business. She eventually transformed their family company into a seven-home chain in the Mon Valley. She is one of many women transforming the funeral business, which is undergoing a gender change, experts say. Joe Marsaglia, dean of students... Read More

Theater promotes skills for improv — and life

By Alex Stumpf, Point Park News Service: The Steel City Improv Theater makes one commitment: “Once you get good at improv, you will get better at life.” The founders, Kasey Daley and Justin Zell, brought their life-teaching skills to Pittsburgh from New York four years ago and have been spreading their philosophy ever since. “Good improv is a difficult thing... Read More

Mon Valley ghost towns left with crime, decay

By Megan Guza, Point Park News Service: The roads into Donora were built for traffic. The four lanes of state Route 837 meet the Monessen Bridge that once carried bustling amounts of both foot and automobile traffic. But now, not many people have reason to come to this town 30 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh, says resident Edith Jericho, surrounded... Read More

Space Upstairs offers innovative performances

By Abby Mathieu, Point Park News Service: Couches in every color. Walls covered in words and designs. A bar with a hodge-podge of mugs, glasses and bottles. Books piled up in every corner of the square-shaped room. These, among many others, are all things found in The Space Upstairs. Situated on the side of a tucked-away warehouse in Point Breeze,... Read More

Strong Women Strong Girls inspires both

By Dominique Hildebrand, Point Park News Service: Gabby Claypool talked about becoming a veterinarian during a recent visit to Point Park University through the group Strong Women Strong Girls. She said she loves the student body organizations on campus so much that she wants to join Impulse and the basketball team. But first, she has to finish elementary school. Gabby... Read More

Video: Toynbee Tiles embed mystery in city streets

By Marc Macurdy, Point Park News Service: For more than 30 years, mysterious objects known as Toynbee Tiles have shown up embedded on streets around the world. The messages vary, but most have the traditional message: “Toynbee Idea in Kubrick’s 2001, Resurrect Dead on planet Jupiter.” Theories have been made about what they could mean, but nothing has ever been... Read More