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PA budget deadlock hits students in the wallet

By Phillip Poupore, Point Park News Service: Point Park University senior Brittany Lauffer has had to pick up additional work this fall because of the Pennsylvania budget impasse. The broadcast journalism major moved off campus over the summer only because she expected a $3,634 refund check from the school. But there was a problem: She received just $1,824. Because Pennsylvania... Read More

Peduto plans to invest in youth, education

By Alex Perry | The Pioneer Surrounded by miniature superheroes and princesses, Bill Peduto proudly walked in Bloomfield’s 2013 Halloween parade alongside his campaign supporters, People for Peduto. Marching through the city’s largest nighttime parade, Peduto captured the admiration of attendees in an instant. As he swaggered down Main Street, the zealous politician effortlessly attracted parents and children alike, who... Read More

Councilman O’Connor builds on father’s mayoral career

By Tony Sonita, Point Park News Service: When Mayor Bob O’Connor suddenly died from a rare brain cancer in 2006, his youngest son, Corey, started rethinking his own life plans. He always talked with his father about becoming a teacher, but O’Connor realized he could have a major impact in politics too. “Growing up, I’d always go to events with... Read More

General election brings slow day at many polling places

Two long check in tables lined the basement of St. Catherine School at 1915 Broadway Ave in Beechview in the closing hours of Election Day. Behind those tables were many exhausted workers, along with voting booths that went largely unfilled throughout the day. “It’s been really slow,” Judge of Elections Rose Getty said. “This is probably the worst it has... Read More

Graffiti Watch tackles neighborhood tagging

By Tony Sonita, Point Park News Service: South Side resident Steve Root says keeping his neighborhood clean is not just a goal but a mindset. As a member of the South Side Community Council and head of the neighborhood’s Graffiti Watch, Root organizes regular events aimed at painting over graffiti in the area. “We’re trying to keep South Side clean... Read More

Residents, businesses angle for parking

By Andrew Goldstein, Point Park News Service: Parking in South Side has drawn the ire of residents and visitors of the neighborhood for years, and it could soon become a more widespread issue than ever. More residential permit parking areas are likely to appear in addition to zones that already exist in South Side to help give residents the ability... Read More

Some Mt. Washington residents see a different view

By Akasha Chamberlain, Point Park News Service:   Raymond Wehring, who has lived on Mt. Washington for 50 years, remembers when his street was vibrant and full of neighbors. Now surrounded by empty houses instead, Wehring said he wants nothing more than to leave and take his two grandchildren with him. “If I won the Powerball, I’d buy all these... Read More